Our Process


As entrepreneurs ourselves, we respect the heck out of what you are doing. We aim to deliver yes/no decisions as fast as possible and emphasize establishing a clear and transparent process with founders. Below is a guide of how our process works. Don’t be surprised if we vary from this script as each deal and relationship is unique.



1. basic data gathering

This allows us to have an informed conversation. we don’t want to waste your time. you can start this yourself by filling out this quick web survey.


2. initial phone call/ meeting

If you may be a fit for GCVF, we will setup a 25 minute chat to cover high level business model & information.


3. committee meeting

We chat every week to determine what companies we would like to move forward with. this often results in a set of additional questions and information requested from the company.


4. Follow Up Meeting(s)

If you may be a fit for GCVF (and we’ll tell you), then we will set up a time to chat more, often with another partner.


5. due diligence

Once we start formal due diligence, we aim to get you a yes/no decision within 30 days.be prepared; we may ask for any or all of the following: year-to-date financials, pro-forma financials, cap table/ownership structure, business plan/pitch deck, key vendor/client information, enterprise zone certifications, reference checks, a formal analysis of information above plus trademarks/patents, founder/operating agreements, outstanding debt agreements, employee agreements, term sheet, bank info, etc.. bonus points if it is all organized in a shareable online folder.


6. decision committee meeting

Assuming no issues arise in due diligence, GCVF partners will meet to decide:

1. yes - we would like to invest 2. no - we would not like to invest with reasons why. you can always take our feedback, adjust course, and restart the diligence process. in fact, that’s a pretty great way to get our attention!


7. investor compliance

All GCVF investments must comply with the guidelines and statutes that we have agreed to with our investors. we will communicate these as early as possible to avoid any surprise. see the ‘investment criteria’ section of our homepage for a high-level overview of these requirements.


8. investment

we will do one final check to make sure all documents are accounted for and executed before writing a check. then the real work starts.